Brent Elliott

Brent Elliott understands people, understands business, and most importantly he understands you-an entrepreneur passionate about building a successful franchise and life. As a former Howard Hughes and NIH Academy Fellow with a diverse background in the healthcare and technology industries; Brent decided business was his calling, and started out by identifying target markets, developing and implementing successful sales and marketing strategies for companies like AFLAC and The National Agents Alliance. 

Brent was introduced into the franchise model of insurance and subsequently purchased and operated an Allstate Insurance Agency. The Elliott Agency was awarded for being in the Top 5% for year-over-year growth, Cross marketing penetration, and customer retention. Brent was selected as a member of the Allstate National Advisory Committee for Agency innovation and Cross Marketing Development, before selling his agency and moving into finance consulting and marketing while leveraging his experience with access to capital markets for small business, acquisitions, credit facilities, and private lending.

With just scratching the surface on the versatility of his strengths, by measuring what he brings to the table for you and your future goals; Brent’s a trustworthy, unconventional (he hates saying out-of-the-box…truly cliché) thinker on providing you the right fit. Seeing the need and understanding how to meet that need for your personal success. He’s here to not only help, but guide you through all your options as an entrepreneur, helping you achieve the goals you desire.

Like many budding entrepreneurs, it’s important to determine which is the right business for your needs and lifestyle, what kind of knowledge and expertise is required to successfully operate your business, or how to go about raising the funds to invest. You’re ready for a franchising consultant specialist and Brent Elliott is here for all your needs. His relevant experience, which includes a highly successful career over 10 years in business financing, mergers & acquisitions, and risk management. Combining skillsets such as extensive digital marketing and target audience data analytics. 

Being adaptable is second nature for Brent who’s a loving husband and father. From Roanoke Virginia, Brent is also a former All-American track & Field athlete. When he’s not taking care of clients, he’s busy working on two patents. And loves to cook! Enjoys cooking!

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