Jeff Alexander

Mr. Alexander’s entrepreneurial experience is extensive. Soon after founding his first business in 2001, an automotive dealership at 22, he expanded into other avenues. He rapidly increased his retail market share through strategic financing. Seeing an opportunity in automotive lending, he created a related finance company to allow for increased profitability and marketability of his retail businesses. 

Mr. Alexander is a proven multi-business manager specializing in small business development, marketing and strategic planning. In retail focused businesses, he has taken a number of startup retail and wholesale sales operations from nothing to over $4.5 Million in annual sales in the first year of operations. Using his experience in the financing arena and the management of both prime and sub-prime clientele, he moved into the real estate market. Using strategic financing, Mr. Alexander, quickly amassed a large rental real estate portfolio. 

The experience gained thru his finance company was valuable in maintaining solid renter evaluation and in managing his properties. Mr. Alexander has further managed multi-million dollar retail inventories while directly supervising a portfolio of over 1300 installment loans with millions in accounts receivables. Mr. Alexander presently owns multiple business interests thru out the energy sector to include operations, development and lease management.
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