Jeremy Chen

Jeremy Chen has been involved in business since he was in elementary school. As a “millennial” he understands that being ambitious and want to succeed is not something that is a title or bestowed upon any generation. 
After finishing top in his class at Kent State University where he studied computer science and dove into his life-long loves of data, computers, people, and networks he went into business for himself As the founder of an internet and data business he followed his passions of creation, Specialized Web Developer. He has dedicated his life to exploring the functionalities within the web world and is constantly making new connections with people and business. 
With 13 years of cutting edge experience under his belt, his company is currently assisting 60+ companies worldwide including many franchise organizations. He has wide variety of knowledge when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Web Creation, Application creation, Marketing, Branding, Direct Targeting and Innovation.
What he learned through his other business is that his main passion is helping people solve their problems. Franchising is the perfect vehicle for many to achieve their American dream and Jeremy is ready to help! He specializes in families with children that want to get into business and can guide them through the process of investigating and finding the perfect work/life balance with a franchise.
If you are reading this and thinking about how to put a business endeavor together with family members or by yourself, call Jeremy and leverage his experience.
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