Leland Forst

I work with executives who are currently conducting a job “search," something many are unfamiliar with doing at this stage of their career. Many of my clients have been engaged in their search – actively or passively - for 3 or more months and are seeing that this search seems to be “different” than the ones that they have experienced in the past. What I hear over and over is that they either aren’t getting the number of responses that they expected or they are getting offers to interview for positions that are not appropriate to their experiences or income expectations. Basically, they are realizing that finding a position commensurate with their skills and experiences is becoming more and more difficult in this job market (a recent study shows that the “average” search time for executive positions is now more than 52 weeks). And during this search time many are utilizing their savings to live off while continuing their search. 

I am not a “typical” recruiter in that I don’t help executives look for a “job." But, obviously I do work with executives in regards to their current career “search," something many are unfamiliar with doing. In my role I simply assist these executives in exploring business ownership or “equity” opportunities with any of the 1500 or so businesses with which I have relationships. For some, this is a plan “B” to their traditional search, but the fact that I assist in this alternative search at no cost or obligation offers them the chance to gather a more comprehensive set of options for them to consider. The net impact is in Rebuilding the World one Life, one Business at a time.

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