Mona Janes

“It is very rewarding to have the ability to help future Entrepreneur’s achieve their goals" 

Mona Janes career began in the late 80’s when she answered a small ad in the newspaper for a position as a “Credit Investigator” with Century Financial Services in Chesterfield, Mo, while attending College.

In 1995 she moved her focus to the newly formed “Wildwood Financial Group” as the Executive Vice President. She worked side by side with the President/ COO, to create a Business Opportunity” for individuals who wished to enter into the Equipment Leasing Industry. For more than 23 years, she has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs who have entered into the Equipment Leasing industry, and she has successfully assisted several companies to set up educational training programs. She has also successfully secured equipment leasing financing for Taco Bell, I-Hop,KCF and PizzaHut , new franchise owners.

Along the way, she have earned the prestigious CLP certification (Certified Leasing Professional), with of only a very few women to receive this level of professional accomplishment.

In 2007 she found herself downsized in corporate America, and turn her focus back to her educational career “Finance". For more than 10+ years her knowledge and expertise in the financial sector has allowed her the ability to assist more than a 1,000 clients successfully capitalize their business utilizing an array of funding capabilities. She has worked with clients who have purchased "single and Multi-
Franchise units" i.e. Cherry Blow Dry, Sport Clips, Dogtopia , Firenza Pizza, Sign World, and Arc Point Labs, to name a few.

“Locating a business or a franchise is easy, knowing if this it is the right one for you can be a bit overwhelming."

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