Carrie Haas

Prior to joining The Franchise Consulting Company, Carrie spent almost 20 years working as a Human Resources executive for Fortune 200 companies. Like many executives in Corporate America, Carrie sought the freedom and independence that business ownership provides and left the corporate life and followed her entrepreneurial inner voice.
She now owns a thriving multi-location business and consults with other aspiring business owners to find the best fit for them in achieving their professional and personal goals. She knows first-hand what you are going through and has coached and mentored many executives through their investigation into business ownership.
Driven to assist others in realizing their dreams, Carrie's keen listening and coaching skills coupled with her extensive business management, recruiting and talent assessment experience sets the stage for a successful and productive search for the right franchise.
Candidates benefit from her deep and diverse business and business ownership experience. Because of the hundreds of executives she has placed, she is able to assist candidates in evaluating multiple business opportunities. Carrie’s goal is to help every candidate find the franchise business that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals.
Having received her MBA from the Carlson School of Management, University of MN, Carrie possesses the analytical tools necessary to conduct a thorough due diligence. Coupled with her real world experience advising global companies, you will have a unique coach and advocate as you investigate the hundreds of options available to you.
There are many franchising opportunities available, and knowing where to start can be a bit overwhelming. Carrie will guide you through the complete process so you can make an informed decision about franchise business ownership.
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