Tim Church

Tim is a “practice what you preach” style straight shooter. He has worked in franchise development since 1998 and has helped hundreds of people become successful business owners. Along the way, he has also been a franchise owner of two different brands. He is a living example of how franchising can be used to increase the value and volume of your most valuable assets; time and money. When you talk with Tim you’ll notice that he really places a high value on sketching out your end game before you begin. This methodology can help people REALLY figure out what fits as opposed to just diving into something that “looks good”.

Most recently, Tim left a tremendously rewarding job in franchise development to pursue his personal dream of helping people find their paths to success through franchising. “I have been on two sides of the franchising fence as a franchisor and as a franchisee. In the past two decades, I have seen that the most successful franchise owners came to me through consultants who used an educational approach to the investigations. I found myself wanting to help people learn how they can be successful without being biased toward the brand that employed me. As an FCC consultant, I get to do just that. Ultimately, that means I’ll get to help more people and that makes me feel good!”

Tim lives in Madeira Beach, Florida with his wife and two dogs. He participates in several local charitable and non-profit foundations when he isn’t on the phone or out fishing.

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